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    I first met Micah during the summer of 2017 while participating in the MBR program. Since the first hike at Mission Peak, Micah and I hit it off as friends. We talked about all sorts of things ranging from our families to the different video games that we played. Despite being athletic, during various hikes, Micah stuck with those who hiked slower and kept them company. No matter what activity or small game, Micah was up for it. No challenge was too big for him; no mountain was too high. At the start of this school year, the MBR class ended with a surf trip. Though the night was dark, I can still remember Micah’s contagious smile that moved to the rhythm of the music as we all danced on the beach. The next morning, undeterred by Micah and my tardiness to the surf lesson, Micah still ended up conquering those waves. I will always remember Micah for the joy and fun he brought to everybody last summer.

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    Thank you, Sean. I can really picture Micah in the description you wrote. He was amazing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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